Monday, January 11, 2010


Oi so I hit a 2 day music festival over the weekend, and whilst the obvious such as Moby doing an uber cool Lou Reed cover and the ever mega babe Karin O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's being outta this world, I have to say Major Lazer was a major stand out performance for moi.

Diplo won my heart with the work he has done for my girl M.I.A in the past, but he has now catapulted his way into my soul with his banging dance hall electro fucking dopeness.

Not only that, the boy is so fly he causes me to need a knicker change. Check it.

Now I am so incredibly knackered from a weekend of mad dance skills and beats that I cannot be arsed to load the photo of my outfit that honoured Diplo's performance. Stay tuned for some owliness x


Doreen said...

I agree with you Diplo is so goddamned hot! :)
I met him when he came to my country for an event and I felt like such a creep googling him a whole afternoon.

Obnoxious Owl said...

What the hell? You met him? Lucky lady x