Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Favourite Jacket

Let me tell you about the best vintage purchase of 2009. I went home to Cape Town for a few weeks and visited a beautiful and incredibly chic friend of mine named Lulu who sells vintage clothing off a clothes rack in the middle of Cape Town city centre. She is an African lady with a dope afro - comb stuck in the side and all. When I used to live in Africa she would keep aside anything I might like and call me to come down and have a look. We were tight like that.

Anyway, after oohing and ahing and catch ups I found myself laden with material goodies, when like a magpie, something glinting caught my eye. A sleeve of something spectacular was peeping out from a plastic bag from under the trestle table. Lulu followed my gaze and carefully told me that it was on hold for someone. Look Lulu honey, anyone who is prepared to put such beauty on hold definitely does not deserve to have it. I pulled it out to discover it was a black and gold bomber jacket from the 80's complete with gold tiger print, shoulder pads and a smattering of sequins in all the colours of the rainbow. We were meant to be. It was R250 (all but $50) and it now hangs with pride in my wardrobe.

This is me with my fella's in October 2009 at the Peaches gig wearing it with pink lipstick, my ghetto blaster necklaces (I have several) and an attitude. He who dares ...

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Anonymous said...

Oooooo Awesome jacket! I'm jealous!