Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I heart Sonia Rykiel

I've been a Sonia Rykiel fan since 2002 when I purchased a bottle green jumper from her store on Brook Street in London. I paid alot of money for alot...MAINLY 'cause I loved the colour so much. But for seez, I just couldn't help myself. She is defs in my top 5 fave designers for many reasons...1) She is not afraid of colour. 2) She enjoys colour do I! 3) She loves slogan tee's that don't say wanky things. 4) She loves monochrome stripes and rhinestones (um hello, how obnoxious is THAT?) 5) She's French.

ANYHOW, I was cruising aka 'fashion hardcore porn' and have fallen in knicker gushing lust for these 3 pieces by Mzzzz Rykiel. Defs no beigeness round here! Swoooooooooon I kinda love how the little sailboat looks as though it was done in some kind of high school home economics class yet the jumper is prolly around three million dollars. Gimme gimme gimme. Come on! This bag is made for me. How did she KNOW?!

I'm gonna use the most overused word at the moment, and I apologise, but this dress is fucking AMAZING. This is something that I would possibly put my bridesmaids in if I were ever stupid enough to get married. But for now, I'd honour it with zebra print heels, humongous gold earrings and hot pink lipstick. Tacky you say? You are.

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