Friday, May 14, 2010

J'aime Fazackerley - Film Maker

J Fazack (I hope he doesn't mind me calling him that) has been taking motion pictures of skateboard riders for quite some time. And when I say quite some time, I mean since his Dad gave him his first camera when he was around 13, which he 'bought off a mate' *cough*. Little did Papa Fazack know that he was about to spark a long running passion. Like most fellas who take photos or videos of skaters, J'aime used to embark on a few kick flips himself (and still does ... proof) in my experience with skateboard riders, I have learnt that it is more than 4 wheels, Canadian maple and Tony Hawk - it's an entire lifestyle. Even if you don't get on your board for years, you will always maintain some affiliation with the scene...but I digress...more about J'aime (his name has an apostrophe in it because it's French FYI). After a couple of video's, J'aime did 'Killself', an independent film which was premiered over east (Sydney not China) which featured a fair few 'faces' - consequentially this was the one that made peeps sit up and take notice, which brought him a whole lotta work and travel all over the world. New Zealand born J'aime (GOD I'm glad he's from NZ, all that coolness was getting too much! Kidding kiwi readers! Geez, relax) decided to give the whole skate filming scene a break after he filmed his last vid 'Let's Live' for Volcom. After a year of chilling out and working for a charity, J decided to leave the one horse town that is Sydney, and join the cosmopolitan metropolis of Perth, Western Australia...what? Which brings me to tell you about 'This is How We Roll' - his latest offering. A series which takes us into the lives of Australian Skateboarders. This makes me hella happy for two main reasons...a) Skaters are hot. (just look at the photos of Mr Fazack for instance) Which means this exhibit will be an epic husband parade ; and b) It's great that somebody in Perth is doing something so fucking cool ...which I love.
I threw the man himself a couple of q's...

I've always wanted to know ... what's out there

I am inspired by people ... who follow their dreams

I do what I do ... because I want to do it

I love the sounds ... of skateboarding

It makes me happy ... when I have done my best

It fucks me off ... when I forget to thank someone

I have never ... fallen in love

I always ... find a way

I secretly .....

Lately ... I have been on stealth mode

But mostly ... I am out and about

I'd like to say thanks ... to friends family for their support

Famous last words? be good to yourself and others

I think the Obnoxious Owl ... gets shit done and done well

What can I say? Imma hustler. So the art exhibit kicks off at about 6pm and then at around 8 oh clock we'll head onto the green and peep the vid. I'm hella looking forward to this and so should you! You know those individs who make out Syd/Melbs to be some kinda fairground and call Perth 'Beige Town' yet when something dope is happening on the west coast they don't support it? Are you one of those people? Didn't think so. See you there this Saturday my lovelies! and buy J'aime a beer...he deserves it.

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