Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm so in the groove...

'Desperately Seeking Susan' is like one of my all time favourite flicks. Madge looks well hot in it, and 'Into the Groove' is at the top of my list of Madonna bangers. I am totally channeling her steeze from this movie in my current personal style at the moment. Check it ...

Just add even more ostentatious gold costume jewellery, kicks and dark blunt bangs ... voila! Obnoxious Owl. Have you seen this film? Why the fuck not?! I had it on VHS for years (black plastic rectangle with tape - for those born after 1992) and then copped it on DVD as soon as that sucker came out. The Egyptian/punk/glam/don't give a shit style from this bitch makes my heart go pitter patter.
We seem to live in a world of collaboration these days, and guess what...I ain't complaining. What use is the past if we can't ignore the mistakes and use it as a buffet for everything that was wonderful, then slowly mould it and shape it until you come up with something original and fresh hmmm?
I'll leave you with this clip. Be inspired my babies xx

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