Sunday, August 29, 2010

CLAW MONEY - Artist/Designer/Increddy broad

Lemme explain why I have mad love for Claw Money.
1) Her writing back in the 90's was what first grabbed me. I love girls in graffiti. Why? Because its fucking hard to stand your ground and get taken seriously by the boys. You have to have that 'somethin' to hold your own, and that 'somethin' is to be respected and admired.
2) She doesn't rest on her laurels...i.e. she makes shit happen.  She has owned herself as a walking talking brand and took that to the next level. Her steeze translates into her clothing and accessory line (particularly her sunglasses)...and it is off the captain hook mate.

3) The Nike Blazer collab she did was so unpredictable and fresh, and her most recent collaboration with VANS is pretty impressive too.  The reason why I love Claudia for her collabs, is because there are so many artists who team up with sneakers and bring out clothing lines and just wack their fucking logo on it and call it a 'limited edition collaboration'. Yeah right, anyone can iron on your badge mate.  C.Money is a legit designer, and you can tell she is a true creative and thinks things through which translates into her product.
4) She counts M.I.A as her homegirl.  Nuff said.
5) My Claw Money Nugget Shades make me feel like a pimp and ain't nobody fuckin with me. 
6) Claudia seems like the kinda bird I could visit in New York, say wuddup and drink cider with.  i.e. She keeps it real.  Which is just so damn refreshing these days.  Plus she reads the Owl...need I say anymore?  Props to you're on fire and I don't see that flame going out anytime soon.

OK, enough with the leg hump ...

I AM ... The one and only CLAW money

THIS SUMMER ... Is almost over and I am happy about that.

IF I COULD DO ANYTHING ... It would be to relax more and work less.

VANS collab

MY FAVOURITE PLACE ... Is my bed - fluffy pillows, high thread count sheets, a cute husband and goofy cats

MY FONDEST MEMORY ... How do I choose just one? Baking with my grandma, painting on manhattan roof tops, or just wildin with friends - hmmm.

COLOUR IS ... important. I love all the colors of the rainbow.

Reason 7) This jacket.

I AM MOST PROUD ... of lots of my accomplishments including my business, my staff of smart capable young women and duhh.. my girls Utah and Miss 17.

I AM LISTENING ... to Club Feet - "Gold on Gold"

MAYBE SOMEDAY ... I will go on a vacation for an entire month.

I HAVE THIS CRAVING ... for exciting fashion, but sadly it is not coming from the big couture houses and all shit rolls down hill.

M.I.A reppin the nuggets

WHENEVER I ... am awake I want to sleep.

MY ADVICE ... is FTW, do you?

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL ... is a must read bitches. Act like you know!

Claw Money website
Stockist in Australia DirtyRich

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