Thursday, August 12, 2010

You want me be, somebody who I'm really not ...

She may be criticised for the song being too 'mainstream' - whatever, go fuck yourselves - you just miss pretending that you're a gangster in the clubs with your fake guns during 'Paper Planes'. M.I.A tests the boundaries and pushes the limits. She always produces beats that people aren't ready for...and ironically, her fans weren't ready for this. She is touching on the issues of the internet and how we are all in a race to be different, yet just end up being guinea pigs and the age of technology is our master. It's about how the image we portray of ourselves on the internet is a far cry from the real thing (we all know that from myspace days) along with the over photoshopped and bullshit glitter images. This required a song that sheep would prove her point - in my opinion. Sure, she's following it all the way to the bank but so what. She looks dope while she's doing it anyway.

I love the 'tacky' little images she has used which are a little bit custom to Sri Lankan culture. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just like when you go to those Indian spice shops and they sell loads of artificial flowers and yellow gold , gilt framed images of roses and shit. I think I bought a clock from a similar kind of place when I was in London, it had that kinda frame with the Virgin Mary inside. Where the fuck is that thing now I've mentioned it...? ANYWAY, I like the song - although it's defs not my fave on the album, but I love the vid. Sozz, I know that I'm biased where Maya in concerned. Bite me.

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