Saturday, September 18, 2010

Monkey See. Monkey Do.

It is getting pretty ridic how sheep-like we are becoming, and the media is our shepherd.  There is alot of 'I hate' and I love' going around...and I'm never sure whether the persons opinion is justified, or if it's because they wanna have a first class ticket on the cool train.  As a lady of many an opinion, I enjoy others that share a passion for independent thought process.  I think its important to back up your opinions with a reason.  Even if you disagree with what the other person is saying, you should at least respect that this dude has mulled it over and this is the conclusion that they have come up with.  And if you shut up, you may learn something.

These are a list of 'bandwagons' that seem to carry alot of passengers and they aren't sure why they are on the ride.  (Please note that these are not my personal likes and dislikes, it is just based on my observation and general conversation with air heads)

  • "I hate Bono" - Yeah I get it.  He is a bit cringey and the whole sunglasses in doors thing is a bit much.  But this is the perfect example of people saying they hate someone without valid reason.  They just know that everyone else does, so they should too.  Other examples are Justin Bieber (why? he is not the first bubblegum child star brat we have ever had), Victoria Beckham and Oprah.  I completely get hating on Heidi Montag or Spencer Twat though - that shit is justified without having to give reason. 
  • "I love Joy Division" - Mate.  They weren't even that big in their hay day.  And now you love them 'cause all the cool kids do and because it's so 'underground'.  I wanna be indie so I need to get some black skinny jeans *tick*, hate anything mainstream and write off any band that manages to get a break aka 'sell's out' *tick* get a tattoo of some lyric from some Brit pop band *tick* tell everyone I love Joy Division *tick*   Do me a favor yeah?  Find your fucking identity.  Other candidates for this category are The Doors, Weezy and Pete Doherty.
  • "David Beckham is hot, but his voice turns me off" - Get fucked.  Have you taken a trip to Essex lately?  They all talk like that!  You know you would shag him if you could, and his voice doesn't bother you one tiny bit.  It's just what everyone else hates about him, and it's only because they need something to be imperfect about 'ol Becks, because all that luck is just too unfair.
  • "My favourite shoes are VANS authentic" - Yeah they so 'old skool' and the Zboys wore them, and I'm so 'down' with the retro steeze of yesteryear and it has nothing to do with the fact that everyone around me has a pair and I don't wanna be 'uncool'.  YAWN.
  • "Yuck, I hate Fosters.  Fosters is Australia's joke on the rest of the world" - Have you even tasted it?  But everyone else says its shit hey?  It's so not chill to be patriotic in any way because then everyone will think you have a secret southern cross tattoo somewhere and that you aspire to drive a V8. 
  • "Yeah, I don't buy my shit from that store" - Except the very place you 'wouldn't be caught dead in' was the same place that paid you your pocket money when it was your part time job in high school.   
  • "I don't believe in God...I'm an Atheist" - Oh you rebel.  Hey, I'm not digging at Atheists here, I am poking at peeps making massive statements and being unable to back them up, because it's not coming from their own brain, it's coming from the passenger seat of the BANDWAGON.

Not having an original thought should be the original sin.  It's what got fucking Adam into trouble innit?  If Eve was doing it then it MUST be ok! 


motel said...

agreed 100% also, people that are so 'sure' about conspiracies. like they know everything about the illuminati and what reeeally happened on 9/11. well done genius! that kind of stuff drives me crazy. if you are SO for conspiracies, then are you not as bad as someone that is SO for religion......question things, don't just accept them ffs! good post xxx

Obnoxious Owl said...

Totes! AND people faking eccentricities to make themselves appear more interesting and 'kooky'.

God, Im glad Im so perfect ;) x