Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's funny, 'cause you'd think there was nothing tropical about London...well I am here to tell you that you are wrong.  IS TROPICAL will make you wanna do filthy things to a pineapple when you listen to them.  I'm not sure why I say pineapple, but it's kinda 'tropically' innit?  Strange that, because I was *this close* to getting Amy Wino's tattoo artist give me a pineapple tattoo when I was in the smoke!  Coincidence?  I think not.  Anyway, I digress...

IS TROPICAL came into my life, or should I say my entire group of friends lives, when our good friend Mr Hemingway found them all up on the interweb and introduced us to this English musical sexy time.  Oh my God.  It was love at first download.  We kinda expected to see them play somewhere when we went over in June but alas, our schedules were not harmonious - 'our's being me and my mates and the Tropical fella's.  We were hoping they might have been at Glastonbury, but all we got was one of their tracks on the sound system just before Bombay Bicycle.  But guess what? It doesn't even matter, 'cause I tracked them down and they agreed to throw me a couple of words.

But before you read on, hit the play button below and let it be the soundtrack for your reading pleasure. These boys will be firm fave's on your ipods before you can say 'cocktail umbrella'.  After the jump ...

WE ARE PLEASED ... that we are recording the album at the moment with Jimmy 'Lahmacun' Robertson in our bedrooms and in a room in Mare St.

IT OFTEN HAPPENS THAT ... if you run something through an RPS-10 it makes it sound really good.

WE ARE INSPIRED ... by lots of stuff. Simon has the biggest bookmark folder in the whole internet for blogs. the last films we watched were 'Black Cat White Cat' [,_White_Cat] and 'Slacker' by Linklater

PEAR CIDER IS ... not as good as Gary's fave drink 'Kiss Blueberry Flavor Cider Drink'

WE ARE LOVING ... lahmacuns and the preset we made on the Prophet called 'ZARDOZ'

IT HAS BEEN AGES SINCE ... we ate anything other than a lahmacun

WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD ... to going to Japan next month !! playing with Placebo LOL

OUR FAVOURITE THING TO BUY FROM TESCO'S ... sparkling water and ham.  Cereal fun pack for the ladies.

THE LAST TIME WE ATE MEXICAN ... was at a place in Stoke Newington where Turkish men pretend to be Mexican but on Sunday they have half price cocktails so we have a few Anna Kournikova's before lunch.

AUSTRALIA ... is weird because, how do people stick to the ground when they are upside-down?

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL ... keeps putting letters from the council through my letterbox

*Um... a few naked photographs and this is the thanks I get, bloody hell - Owl*



Anonymous said...

I wanna have sex with all of these boys.

Obnoxious Owl said...

I have already.