Friday, October 8, 2010

More next level from Die Antwoord ...HO$H

Fuck.  This new tune REEKS of Diplo...and I love it.  And he is looking MIGHTY dang fine in this video...seriously, I crave this man even though he has been given a Ninja haircut for it...ehrm, anyway.  I don't even know if I would like Die Antwoord if I wasn't South African ... I am still confused why anyone who isn't from SA is obsessed with these little fucking weirdo's but hey, I ain't gonna's about time that something else other than mindless racism and rape statistics put us on the map.  Actually, I think it's the swaying, unsupported cocks in jocks that we are becoming more known for.

This video is pretty increds though.  Trust Ninja and Yolandi to touch on the fucked sitch of unsafe ritual circumcision amongst our African brothers which often leads to death or puts men at a high risk of contracting HIV which is as common as a headache in my land.  I could go on and on about this, but this will explain it better than I ever could.

Seuns en Meisies, hier is 'Evil Boy' by Die Antwoord.  Ninja is rocking it with his Prawn arm, hahaha's actually pretty dope.  Although I know dem dancers got those gold leggings from Edgars...I picked some up in Cape Town last year.  Now if only another 'owl like' South African and Diplo could collaborate...*sigh*

Did I mention Diplo takes his top off?  Mudda fukka.


Anonymous said...

Ninja has HIV.... you can see various markes such as thin frame, lipodistrophy (tell tale marker of HIV Therapy), and slight temporal wasting.

Anonymous said...

Lipodystrophy... ment lipoatrophy particulary of the face (sunken cheeks) characteristic of HAART.

He is trying to put awareness of the problem for the people in his area