Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sarah Woolley - A Retro Doll

Last month I attended the Wheels and Dollbaby fashion show and I gave it a bit of a slaying, not because I'm not an admirer of the sex that IS the pin up girl steeze.  I just like it done right...and oh my, does Sarah bring it home!  This flame haired creature caught my eye at fore mentioned fashion parade...she was the best thing about the damn thing.  I mean, just LOOK at her!  It's like The Little Mermaid came to life or some, Ariel? Is that you?  

A few days later I was cruising youtube and came across Sarah's channel.  I didn't even know she had a channel!  I was like, 'Whoah! It's the mermaid girl!'   I watched every single video on All Dolled Up  back to back.  To be honest, it made me feel insecure about my make up collection.  This girl has like 7 million lipsticks and she is not afraid to use them.  W&DB should sponsor this Lady (and believe me, she IS a lady ... I feel uncomfortable showing her around my cuss ridden blog!) as I was saying, Wheels and Dollbaby should be all over this lass, because she reps them SO right.  

Perth broad Sarah now resides in Melbourne in the most adorable apartment (you can peep it on her channel) where she films her vids, writes her blog  and creates a masterpiece on her face using her mammoth cosmetic collection.   I find her to be most intriguing and incredibly engaging.  This doll baby is a journalism graduate with sassy style and ambition.  A woman of substance and strength...whats not to love?
Watch one of her many make up editorial videos and read the little Q and A I did with Ms Sarah after the jump.  This is how I want to look when I grow up.

EVERYDAY I ... Buy a few Lindt macaroons from the Lindt Cafe on my street. I think little luxuries should be indulged on a daily basis.

I FIND INSPIRATION ...from fashion magazines, foreign and alternative magazines, beauty manuals, old films, bizarre and unique people I meet, history books, drag shows, within my apartment, music, and just exploring my city.  The list of inspirational people who have influenced my style and life are endless, some of the main ones are Marie Antoinette, Deborah Harry (Blondie), Dita Von Teese, famous drag queen Ru Paul, the late Kevyn Aucoin, Audrey Kitching, cosmetic entrepreneurs Doe Deere and Poppy King, Marilyn Monroe, Ariel the mermaid, David Bowie, model Tiah Eckhardt, Barbie, Jeffree Star, and my mother... By the time she was 25 she had lived in India, London and Japan as a jazz singer, Bollywood actress, model, makeup artist and Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

IN MY REFRIGERATOR ...Currently, there is the smallest amount of food, bottles of champagne, cupcakes and some precious old lipsticks I keep in there to prolong the product. I'm not the most practical person you'll meet.

LIPSTICK ...Has been a huge part of my identity for so long, I actually can't remember a day in almost 5 years when I've gone without it. It is one of the most feminine things a woman can own. I own easily over 100 lipsticks. I dream about creating my own lipstick range constantly...

THE LAST TIME I ... Went to a gig was Jeffree Star, about two weeks ago. He blew my mind, and I loved the atmosphere, I was in my element surrounded by crazy drag queens, the fashionably outrageous and creative. I wore solid glitter up to my eyebrows, 6 inch stilettos and covered my whole head in glitter too. So much fun. 

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I OWN ...Was a recent purchase from the Perth Wheels & Dollbaby store, my beloved pink showgirl knickers. Covered in swarovski crystals and tassels, they are ludicrously expensive, outrageous, and completely impractical. So very me.

IF I COULD DO ANYTHING ...Where do I start? I would start up my own alternative cosmetic line, makeup book, a quirky little makeup and lingerie store in London, own a pink car and a pink apartment in London also, work freelance for all of the magazines that have inspired me, start up my own magazine, design a line of costume jewellery, travel around the world interviewing makeup artists for fashion shows, and just have the freedom to be as creative and outrageous as I like every day for the rest of my life. There is so much I dream to do. 

I LOVE DRINKING ... Champagne, especially pink champagne. It has to have a cherry in it though, I ask for one every time. I love going to retro diners and getting Dr Pepper floats and vanilla thick shakes too.

IT IS INCREDIBLY SEXY ... When a man is confident enough to express himself through his clothing, and shows an interest in fashion and his general appearance. I am a sucker for a good haircut, suits and bow-ties, tight ripped jeans, moustaches and thick British accents. The boys in The Horrors are about as sexy as they get in my opinion...

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL ... Is hilarious, honest, creative and just a... hoot? Bad joke. Thank you O.O, for giving me the opportunity to be amongst all of talented people you've interviewed on your blog, it has been a pleasure!

*Don't thank me Chiquita, just do my make up when I finally get to meet you on my next trip to 'Burn city yo!*



E said...

She is adorable. Wish I could rock red hair like that!

Lady Sarah Jane said...

she is amazing, i have a bad girl crush

Good Clean Fun said...

I've been following her on youtube and her blog since her first video, she got me hooked straight away. She really is an inspiration.