Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Take my advice...I don't use it anyway Part soixante-seize

TAKE NOTE OF THE GOOD PEOPLE YOU HAVE IN YOUR LIFE - Learn from them. Be inspired by them. Don't resent them...they are in your life for a reason.  People who make you want to be a better person are precious.

ARE YOU 'THAT' GIRL WHO HANGS OFF OTHER GIRLS BOYFRIENDS? MAKES A MOVE ON THE DUDE YOUR FRIEND IS CRUSHING ON? FLIRTS WITH YOUR FRIENDS DATES?  THINKS IT'S OK TO SLEEP WITH FRIENDS EX BOYFRIENDS? - Yeah. We know all about you. It's like when you see a pair of shoes in the don't even look twice at them, then you see them on your friend and you realize that they are actually quite amazing, and you want them as well. Thing is though, you'd go buy your own pair innit? You wouldn't just take them off her feet!  Don't be a silly mare.

EYE CREAM IS YOUR FRIEND - I wish I hopped on that train when I was like 17 hey

BE WISER THAN YOU LOOK - For instance. If Jane tells you something that Kim said about you, you may want to consider the fact that Kim felt comfortable enough to voice her opinion to Jane in the first place, thus meaning that old mate Jane might be running her mouth about you too.  Hell is empty, and all the Devils are on earth my dears.

IF YOU HAVE YOUR PERIOD, THEN YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WEAR KNICKERS - What in the name of Lucifer is wrong with you?

THERE ARE 2 TYPES OF MEN: MEN WHO LOVE SEX AND MEN WHO LOVE WOMAN - The latter are way better in bed. And you can always tell.



Amberly said...

So so so true! All of the above. If only they knew! x

caroline said...

hello obnoxious owl!

did i ever tell you how much i love this blog? even when i don't agree with the advice it makes me laugh. although this is all pretty bang on the money. such a good read.


Obnoxious Owl said...

such kind words, thank you x

Ruby Velour said...

I know this girl who wants to have sexy intercourse with my boyfriend and doesn't even care that I'm around to flirt madly with him. She seems to think she's gods gift when she's just a skinny ho who can't get her own hot Filo man. So yeah, defs know "that" girl.

Obnoxious Owl said...

Want me to smash her? x