Friday, November 5, 2010


The 80's was such a good decade for art...PETRO is a fine example of this.  Graffiti takes stamina, and fuck old mate must have it if he has been gunning for over 20 years.
In his new show 'TO BIG TO BE HUMAN', Petro has combined the traditions of graffiti lettering, the galactic funk, wonky pattern repetition, primitive drawings of fantasy characters and an unhealthy obsession with Ralph (By the way, I totally just copied that from the press release)

So the show opened in Sydney on the 22 October, and the Melbs show opens tomorrow (5 Nov) at the Backwoods Gallery in Collingwood.  And the Perth show is ... wait hang Perth show.  Geez hey, that hardly ever happens! Not.  So enjoy this amazing show you Eastern state spoilt brats.

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motel said...

petro rules! i saw a show of his in amsterdam in feb. he is an original!