Thursday, November 18, 2010

Take Ryan Boserio's advice...he's just gonna flush it anyway!

Yup, it's still all about the boys.  Let's hear it from another perspective, it's not all about me you know! Well for November anyway.  Perth based Artist Ryan Boserio from Last Chance Studio shares some words of wisdom for the bitches ...


DRINK IN PUBLICStreet drinking is the perfect test of a woman. If you're too good to street drink then what else are you too good for?

DON'T WEAR HEELS IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE ITIf you're drunk and you fall off your heels, or if they are turning your feet into something that looks like Freddy Kruegers face then learn your lesson and just chill out- rock something else for a while. 

READ MORE - You dumb.

DEVELOP INTERESTSShopping and hair don't count. It's a cruel joke that men have interests and women have interests in men. If you get rejected picking up and you've got nothing to fall back on, then how can you play it cool like “Whatever- I didn't want to waste time with him anyway, I got some Lego building to do.” ?

SHUT UP WHEN YOU ARE DRUNK - For real, we all know that ladies like crying and freaking out and getting all upset and getting hell deep. Stop that. The lads that were thinking about hooking up with you are now thinking about your mental instability.

STOP YELLING AT YOUR BOYFRIEND IN PUBLICGet mad all you like, you're allowed, but know that this isn't a reality TV show. Airing your dirty laundry is for plebs. Go home and fight. 

WATCH PORN. - I mean the kind of porn that men watch. It's cool if you get turned on by it, but if you don't, then think of it as research. Dudes watch that shit all the time and they probably want to do some of those things with you. If you're already with a dude and he suggests some shit you haven't tried; fucking google it. 

This one time I Googled it, and the men in suits came over and took my computer away wearing rubber gloves...what do you think it means?? , Love Owl x

Ryan loves planes and twitter, sometimes even facebook.


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Agreed! hahaha, I love this guy.

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mmmmmmmmmmmm drunk girls

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u mad