Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Fuck. Sorry to start this with a cuss but HOT DAMN I love BUTCHDIVA!!  I was even pretty reluctant to share this label with ya'll because I wanted to keep it for myself, but then me and Tiffany got talking, and she is such a diva herself, that I wanna shout it out from the rooftop.  I love clothes. I love colour. I love statements. If Obnoxious Owl were to come back as an item of clothing, it would probs be a BUTCHDIVA jumpsuit.  Hell, MOTEL 7 even dressed the cartoon me in spandex in my new banner...it's a perfect fit.  Tiffany Rhodes is the creator behind this punk ass brand, she is Brooklyn born and raised and she has been designing and sewing since she was but a child and has been turning out these spandex wonders for the last 3 years.  I wish she didn't live so far away so I could just hang in her amazing creative space and smother myself in spandex all day long! I copped a few pieces...I was gonna show you some pics of me in it, but I'm wearing THE most amazing piece of ButchDiva on NYE, so hold up for that post.  I relate so much to Ms Rhodes vision...read on and see why...


I asked Tiffany why the name BUTCHDIVA?

Because the world needed it. Its the tag name I came up with to pinpoint the attitude, style and movement of my ideal customer. People were like, 'whoooaaaaa. u designing for lesbians??!!' I was open to the controversy. Controversy sells. 

When people here "butch" they automatically think masculine, aggressive, androgynous, big and bold, and then you hear diva separately and you think sexy, feminine, boss lady type thoughts....so I put the two concepts together to categorize today's leading female - doing everything above and beyond what was once only considered roles for a man, and still keeping in touch with her femininity, sexuality, and desire to be comfortable. ButchDiva is all of that...its not only a brand name but the lifestyle and mentality in which women handle their biz...I can't even think of anything else at this point that I would call it otherwise. 

Leggings like no other

I AM INSPIRED ... by girls, colours, shapes, prints, the hood, a hustle, girls, curves, success, bravery, money, girls, pop, wow factor, shock value, haters, power ... oh and girls lol

SPANDEX ... saved my life.

so fly

I LOVE WHERE I LIVE BECAUSE ... it's raw and to the point. And it keeps me in touch with reality.

THE BEST THING THAT I HAVE EVER HAD ON A SANDWICH IS ... ummmm, BBQ chicken, a girl ... but not in that order ...

spandex chaos

THE BIGGEST MISUNDERSTANDING ... 'this industry is all about who you know' - that's a shit load of bullshit.  It's about what you bring to the game and what you can achieve on your own.  Who you know doesn't really matter, it's about you and/or your product that has to make the cut.

IF I WASN'T DOING THIS ... I would be performing powerful solo dances that make people feel something deep on the inside and in conclusion gets standing ovations and loads of BRAVO BRAVOS!

AMERICA ... is one big ball of controversy...nobody is right or wrong.

EVERY NIGHT, BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP ... I straighten up so that I can start with a clean canvas the next day.  Then I take a visual scan of my studio and imagine myself in a board meeting making approvals and delegating responsibility ...

LOVE IS ... a beautiful thing when it's mutual, but it can hurt like hell when it ain't.

MY MOST FAVOURITE POSSESSION ... besides my sewing machine?  I really don't know...

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL ... is da truth! And has made me feel all warm and fuzzy on several occasions lately :) 

Tiffany Rhodes - swoon!!

I am so visiting this mami in Brooklyn some time soon, in the hope of getting warm and fuzzy with her...and for some more spandex.  

Get some of your own butchdiva and drop Tiffany a line here.  PLUS online shopping is coming soooooooooooon x


Anonymous said...

OH. EM GEE. That lady is walking sex! Love it!!!

Fat Aus said...

holy. shit.

i cannot wait for her online store.

Anonymous said...

fuck this chick is hot