Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ACCLAIM ISSUE 22 - Renegade

I am not lying when I say ACCLAIM was the first Australian mag I bought and have grown to love.  The team at ACCLAIM HQ work their hot little ass's off to produce a fresh, innovative and forward thinking bunch of paper.  I am someone that is on the internet about 90% of the time...and if I am, I know others are so the need to have something as tangible as a magazine has become almost old school.  Well I am here to say FUCK THAT.  Other than bookmarking and favorite folders, the net is pretty disposable.  I still need my hard copies for reference, to rip out and stick on my wall/fridge for inspiration or just to make my coffee table look nice.  Take Issue 22 for example, the cover was shot by Yasumasa Yonehara (yeah WOW) and they have a pimping camoflauge print cover for the special edition designed by Hardy Blechman of Maharishi fame (Lollers, I used to have their army pants with something ridic written on the ass...so dope though)

My point is, if you are a fan of low brow or contemporary art, and you don't have the coin to buy an original or just wanna lay on the sofa for a sec with a brew and flick your thumbs through some pages then a magazine should still feature in your world.  It's like buying an art book for a tenner but with decent editorial as well as something to collect and look back on for years and years.  Your kids will love you when you can show them proof that you once knew what was going on.  You not exactly gonna say, 'Hey kids, look through my favorite folder on the lappy and see what was happening back in the day' because they will probably come across your Asian school girl fetish.

Issue 22 is in stores NOW!

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