Monday, December 6, 2010

*THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST!!* I actually really like this coffee shop

So I've taken up a new position in the offices of PIGEONHOLE and it's actually pretty alright. I think I'm going OK, my foul mouth and constant requests for 'Cider Friday' haven't even been met with THAT much of a negative response.  Hey man, it's not like I'm asking for 'No Pants Friday' - it's still not hot enough for that.  One of the greatest things about working for P Hole (tee hee) is our awesome coffee shop downstairs called CABIN FEVER - it's pretty increddy.  It also doubles as an art gallery, with some of Sean Morris and Creepy's  stuff currently on view. They also do these things called 'Cakey Pops' ... it's a lollypop made out of fucking cake. THEY ARE RUINING MY LIFE.

Let them ruin yours as well and come and have a cup of java.  It's in the Bon Marche Arcade on Barrack Street near the MacDonalds. That bloody MacDonalds is also involved in the quest to bring my life to it's delicate knee's.

See you in the cabin! xx

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Chloe said...


They were invented by this bitch:

Seriously epic. Wish my coffee shoppaa sold em.