Monday, January 17, 2011

ALEX SYNAMATIX - Editor of The Daily Street

The Daily Street is a 100% UK relevant blog that Alex and his mates created after the frustration of surfing through blogs, finding great products and then discovering they were unavailable in the UK. Hmmm....people of Western Australia might be able to relate. So in the week long summer of '09 (sorry, shameless poke at your shitty weather) the boys put this beast together.  After spending the better part of my twenties in London I have come to be passionate about all things British and have even been caught calling the place 'home'. I find the music, fashion, humor and now blogs have a certain realness to them, less bullshit if you will, in comparison to others. The Daily Street is easy to navigate, to the point and on the pulse.  Oxford born Alex went to Westminster University in London where he studied Commercial Music, which was handy because he loves to DJ and has done for 7 years. From what I can tell via the ever so trusty twitter, he is also partial to a good cup of coffee. Like, all the time. Even at night. I guess a caffeine addiction might be necessary in order to run a blog as fresh as The Daily Street.  Read more from Alex after the jump...

THE DAILY STREET... Is your daily online newspaper for Men's street fashion and everything that surrounds it.
IN AN IDEAL WORLD..Smoking wouldn't be bad for you.
I AM BEST AT... Oversleeping, procrastinating and generally wasting time. It's hard to avoid. Also, conjuring up ideas. Some are a bit crack-pot, but others turn out pretty good.

I REALLY SUCK AT... most sports. I think it's just been too long, far too long.
2010 WAS... A great year! The year The Daily Street really took off and the end of my student life.
2011... Will be even better than the last. Taking The Daily Street to a whole new level, finally finishing my degree (I have 1 more module to re-take) and starting a record label. All good things!

MY FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES... Oh shit, this is a tough one. Currently it's my pair of Nike LunarEclipse+, but that could change when I get some Gourmet 28's. All time favourite? I guess the Nike Air Pegasus '89 OG is right up there. To be honest I could be here all day naming kicks.
CURRENTLY I AM LISTENING TO… a lot of House music. Julio Bashmore is killing it for me right now along with the likes of Hackman, Deadboy and Untold, but my current favourite has to be Ramadanman (aka Pearson Sound) … he just can't do anything wrong at the moment! Other than that, it's Post-Rock.

IF WAS A COLOUR I WOULD BE... Blue. A nice rich Royal Blue. Don't know why, but I just know.
THE OBNOXIOUS OWL... Is something I will be spending more time on in 2011 yo!

Nice ass, Love Owl x


Anonymous said...

homeboy is fiiiiine!

Julez said...

I'm gonna read this thing just fir this guy <3

Nancy Magoo said...

Perving aside, he needs to hire me.