Thursday, January 6, 2011

DaM FUNK - Musician / Funk Professional / Gentleman

I have spoken to a lot of creative people on O.Owl and I have come to find that those who have achieved the most are often the most humble. LA born and raised Dam Funk (pronounced ‘Dame’ from ‘Damon’) is an example of such a person.  From the beginning to the end of our chat on New Year’s Day he was generous with his time and easy to talk to. I approached him a little while before he brought in 2011 here in Western Australia and was so willing to be part of this little blog. I first saw DaM Funk perform at Glastonbury back in June and my 2011 started off mighty funky, with Damon being minimally effected by the tropical heat in the zero air conditioned room -  he was there to do a job, and that was to bring the funk and that is what he delivered.  He was amongst a solid line up alongside Flying Lotus and Gaslamp Killer, but his Aerial Pink remix was the talk of the night. We all know the man has style and the ‘funk’ analogies are endless, but what I was most impressed by, was his chivalry and manners. Leaving his company on the first day of 2011, the man with the G steeze of Ice T and the charisma of Prince has set the standard in my expectations of people for the rest of the year.

MUSIC ... is my best friend.

IF I WERE TO HAVE ONLY ONE RECORD ... it would probably be "Don't Leave Me Baby" by Mazarati (B-side only/flip-side of "100 MPH", recorded in 1985, released on Prince's Paisley Park label & was produced by The Revolution member Brownmark). 

WHEN I AM PERFORMING ... I'm not 'Damon'. I'm 'DāM-FunK'. 

I THINK IT IS IMPORTANT ... to NOT be an arrogant, spoiled ass, bitch made, buster in the game.


IF I WEREN'T DOING THIS, I'D BE ... a meteorologist, an astronaut, or a freeway designer/engineer. Either 1 of those.

FUNK ... is NOT some silly fad. It's a way of life.

AUSTRALIA HAS BEEN ... Fantastic. *For real!

2011 WILL BE ... The enlightening countdown to 2012.

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL ... is NOT a 'girl', or just some 'chick'. She's a 'lady'.

........enjoy the rest of your stay, Australia loves you! Owl x


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