Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's good this weekend?

Quite a bit ACTUALLY....

Firstly there is St Jeromes Laneway Festival on Saturday, which thankfully one of the magazines I pen for is sponsoring so I got my name on the door...THANK YOU YEN!  Seriously though, I'm not shoving my hook up in your face...I am actually 'scraping the dregs of the peanut butter out of the jar' broke.  Pretty sure I saw three moths having a gang bang in my wallet today :/  Yeah so obviously Laneway will be fresh, especially as the bands are fresher which lures a more discerning crowd and makes a day of music so much more enjoyable.  THEN it's the after party...

Get in swiftly if you want to join the recks the 10 000 strong hoards of people will be making a beeline for Villa as soon as FOALS strum their last chord. (Is that right? Do you strum chords??)

Then Sunday after a good nights sleep and a smoked salmon breakfast (yeah fucking right) I will be heading to William Street because 1UP Microcinema  are hosting a Sneaker Swap Meet and they have asked me to be one of the judges of the sneaker exhibition.  'Be there at 1pm' he says.  What do they take me for? It's a Sunday...THE DAY OF REST! But I'll go. And I'll like it. Come and say hi to me and check out the slippers.

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