Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Dreams, Big Blunts, Big Rims and Big Guns

Infamous writer of KIDS Harmony Korine  has directed a short film starring Die Antwoord.  The film is called 'WatKykJy' (what are you looking at?) - which is also what Ninja has tattoo'd on his penis. Yup.
In the flick Ninja and Yo-landi are wheelchair bound gangsters.  Look, how can we even begin to describe what this film could be like in print when people who are not from South Africa are still trying to get their heads around the music??!  Like these two themselvesI predict this will evoke a divided opinion...which is what I love about two of my favorite South Africans...they don't allow room for fence sitters.



Patrick said...

i want to see this

griffin said...

Watched this at ninja's house. It was fucking hillarious. I seldom laugh till I cry.

Nancy Magoo said...

I just woke up and read "which is also what Minaj has tatoo'd on his penis"

Obnoxious Owl said...

HA! Griffin the next time you see Ninja tell him the Owl is looking for him.

Antagonist Ant said...

Harmony Korine didn't direct "Kids" - Larry Clark did. Korine wrote the screenplay based on a story by Clark and someone else, I forget the name.

The film isn't called "Wat Kyk Jy", but "Umshini Wam".

Being obnoxious AND wrong is a bad combination.

Obnoxious Owl said...

Thank you Mr Ant. Actually at the time of writing this post I had read a quote from Ninja stating that the film was called 'Wat Kyk Jy?' - but thank you clearing it up.

I often get things obnoxiously wrong...thats the charm in me. But thank you for helping out x