Thursday, March 3, 2011

SOFI DONUTS - Lady Blogger / Hustler / Cutie

The incredibly cute Sofi from Sofidonuts warms the cockles of my heart. I'm a lady blogger. I read blogs. I like fashion, music and talking shit but hot damn do some bitches get on my nerves. NOT THIS GIRL! She runs a fresh site that gives the other sex a run for their $$$ or should I say English Pounds because little Bristol Sophie is an English Rose with uber fresh steeze and takes no prisoners.  Women of substance are hard to come by...I'm sorry but they are. This girl is no donut, amongst being cute as a button she is also brand experience manager for VitaminWater UK, does PR for RockSolid and part time stylist for FRONT mag. Yeah I know...killing it. Please read on after the jump

MY FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES ... at the moment are a pair of really boring black Vans. Yeah well, whatever...they're timeless and they go with everything. Also, having a full on black and white phase.

THE MOST EXPENSIVE ... things aren't always the greatest. Depends on what it is obviously, but you'd never catch me spending £400 on a bag, I'll just use a plastic one from Lidl.

COLOUR ... is the spice of life? This is true, I love colour...though at the moment I'm living in Black and White with a dash of colour. I'm getting all minimal on my ass.

NICKI MINAJ ... who's she? Not even joking here...I know what she looks like and that's about it. Seeing someones names on Twitter every 5 seconds usually puts me off checking them out. Difficult, ain't I?

THE BEST THING I BOUGHT THIS WINTER ... was a dehumidifier. My Mum made me get one (she's always right on this kinda stuff). It's actually super cool, and dries all my it works as air con in the summer. I guess you wanted something a little more interesting than this, but dehumidifier fascinates very own water feature. I recommend you all go out and buy one, right away.

I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT ... BLOC Weekend - 2 weeks today. 

It's a mad festival at Butlins in Minehead...I've been to ATP Festival here a coupla times, and the location is a total dive, but that's what makes it cool. The line up is ridiculous, most looking forward to LFO, Vitalic, Seth Troxler, Jamie xx, Drop the Lime and Modeselektor, but as long as 'NY is Killing ME (Jamie xx remix) gets played at least 15 times, I'll be happy. I'm really excited to catch up with loads of people I haven't seen for a long time.

STREETWEAR ... don't even get me started! I look after some really awesome brands, and it's my job to get them out there. A lot of people don't even give us the time of day cos they're stuck in their obvious's alright though, they'll get to know soon. GET YOUR HEAD OUT THE SAND, PEOPLE! DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Obviously the (big) bunch of people that do show us love, thanks...we love you back. So, back to the beginning...STREETWEAR is evolving and growing, into something better.

ENGLAND ... is awesome. I vow never to leave. England - I love you.

I WILL NEVER GO WITHOUT ... my laptop, mascara and pasta. Take me anywhere in the world, I will still want these 3 things. Take them away, and I am nothing!!

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL ... is a rad bitch, I could chat to her for days. Outspoken and marvelous. We love you Owly!

Takes one to know one, Love Owl x

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caroline said...

HOLY SHIT what lipstick is she wearing? it's magical!

sofidonuts said...

it's neon pink barry m, with a dash of purple eyeshadow to matt it x

caroline said...

genius! thank you! x