Sunday, April 3, 2011

K R E /\ Y S H /\ \/\/ N

I always have to write KREAYSHAWN in capitol letters.  Peep her website and watch her video's and you'll see that there is nothing lower case about this broad from Cali who has her manicured fingers in so many pies.  This includes video maker, music, name but a few. Heavily tattooed, gold bling a ling and mouth like a sewer, KREAYSHAWN is balling through life in flurry of colour and knocking people off fences all over the place. You are gonna love it or you gonna hate it, and she really doesn't give a shit. I dunno, I guess it's the same reason I love Ms Fitz so much, girls with confidence and attitude but with the goods to back it up. Let me tell you, this is a fucking rarity. The internet and the cut and paste button has made the process of biting and stealing ideas all that much easier.  With so many pseudo creatives  around, you have to look a bit harder for the real deal. But as they say, cream always rises and home girl KREAYSHAWN is a tall can of cool whip.

I AM ... A Kreayshawn or k234y5h4wn. A rare and sometimes timid animal. Plays very nicely but has a mean streak. A under-cat in the game.

AND I AM ALL ABOUT... Directing and editing music videos. Beasting out as a female MC. Killin tha hoes with tha swag and spreading kreative love joy thru my powers of a humble muse.

WHEN SHIT GETS REAL... I pull out tha pistol and crack a bitch over the head.

A COMMON THOUGHT... I think often about how much money I have and if its enough to pay rent on my bachelor pad apt in Los Angeles.. I don't have a steady income other then directing videos and the shows I just started doing.

THE THING I LOVE THE MOST... I love my two kitty's so much. I'm outta town so much I'm never home to cuddle with them! I'm a crazy cat lady. I have two kitty's.. I rent them their own apt just to play and eat in. I also love a lot of things from anime to sipping promethazine on a warm summer evening on 82nd and Birch in East Oakland (which is my hometown that I love!) 

A SLUT... A slut is no friend of mines! We put em on the track so they can get this dough. V-Nasty tell dem hoes what ta do. 

IF I COULD GIVE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE... I know its cheezy to say but, you can really achieve anything with positive mind sets. You can manifest your own destiny. 

I AM IN LOVE... Omg I wish I was in love. I'm fuckin ice box where my heart used to be ass bitch! 

IMAGINE... December 21 2012.. Mass hysteria as natural disasters strike every continent. Rioting.. Burning alive.. Skeletons riding horses that are flying in the air as they taunt you. Gasses are being released from exploded plants near by. Cellphones don't work. Computers don't work. I'm be in Canada though... Its gonna be chill. 

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL... The obnoxious owl had me up all night. Had to smoke em out till she passed out.

Keep going girl. Love Owl x

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Anonymous said...

This girl is amazing.

Ms. Fitz said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, this person is terrible! That is not music! It's not that I'm a 'hater', I just honestly believe she is not a great example of someone we should be praising or looking up to, there's alot more talent out there.

Obnoxious Owl said...

:) Kreayshawn is always going to attract a mixed bag of opinion.

Yes there is more talented...but they probably don't have as much balls as this girl.

Talent is a small factor I believe. Hard work and hustlin will bring you success.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that rapping is terrible! I suppose her clothes are awesome though...