Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Obnoxious Owl Experience: Another enthralling segment...

I have only been in Melbourne for 3 weeks now and it feels like forever. This is a good sign! The move to Melbs kinda feels like I've been wearing heels for 24 hours and then I put on a pair of fur lined slippers. It just feels right. You know what else is right? The people. One of the realest (is this a word?) couples I know Alex and Paul, invited me to this dope ass exhibition by a Mexican artist on Wednesday night aka 'Mexhibition' - see what I did there?

How much do these pics make you wanna make a shrine?  The show is called 'Mi Casa Su Casa' and the art is by two Mexican artists ├ôscar Reyes and Watchavato. Art schmart whatever...the drinks were amazing. Some tequila something or other and ginger beer. We were necking dem things like we was on death row! 

This weekend I did a spot of shopping on my jack jones... I saw this mayo in Woolworths and being a bit of a mayonnaise expert I thought I'd give it a whirl. Plus its fucking Kewpie Mayo!! I mean, what.the.fuck. But let me tell you it was delish. It tastes like that amazing stuff you get at sushi places. Yummo.

I do NOT want to talk about that Jackie Collins novel. It is going to be the most sugary sordid read ever and I can't fucking wait. Bite me.
But what I will enter conversation about is my new wooden pineapple bowl. Yup, imagine me just casually sipping red wine and eating soy chips out of a wooden tropical fruit. IT'S JUST THE WAY I ROLL BABE.

And furthermore, how pretty is Melbourne in Autumn?

Yeah I forgot to tell you my car arrived and I'm driving around now. Fuck me I am struggling to get used to those trams! And the traffic! Oh my days. But still, I suppose that's what you get when you live in a real city. 

I also didn't really want to mention this because it is a bit out of character but I made my staff some cookies.  Except I ate half the dough. Which is why I now need to start diet and exercise staring 10 minutes ago! 

So how have you all been? x

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Samantha said...

this post made me miss melbourne! nice one - what out for those hook turns!