Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grizzle Emcee - London Rapper

Sir Grizzle should be commended...if not for his rhymes then his ability to convince people to dress as a teabag.  I am guessing that he may be booting Nigella Lawson as Tetleys ambassador and taking the crown in the not too distant future. I had an actual LOL when I watched this vid.   I get the feeling that fella doesn't take himself too seriously, which is always refreshing in the world of hip certainly contributes to the success of Australian hip hop but that's another blog post on it's own.  For those who don't know, Grizzle is not new to the game as this is a return to music.  The boy looks dope in this clip, he is a writer over at UK blog The Daily Street so he obviously knows whats fresh. Grizzle is a fine representation of everything that is unique about London. That being current, original and tongue in cheek. 

I'M HUNGRY... for the Detroit Lions Varsity jacket Eddie Murphy wears in Beverly Hills Cop. If you have it I'll buy it off you!

THE WORLD... is big and scary and pretty much always smells weird, but I love it - wouldn't have it any other way.

I HAVE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED... wearing adult nappies daily - would make so life easier sometimes......

THE ULTIMATE DREAM...Is for my first car (I don't drive) to be a Bentley and I wont even drive it, it will be chauffeur driven. And just to make a living of what i love to do - its a cliche I know but cliche's are cliche's because they are dope and true. Also an ultimate dream is to just kick back with Jay Z somewhere chatting shit, having a drink and just talking about whatever - how sick would that be!

I CAN'T STAND... people who do not say thank you after you've held a door open for them. I also hate dog shit, at high school once some kid threw some in my ear - for some reason i found it funny but then I puked, it wasn't so funny then. It stank. Messed up

I LOVE... my friends and family and my girlfriend - there was a good chance I could of died this year and they where there for me every day - my girlfriend hardly left my hospital bedside the whole time I was all wired up.

I HATE... not being fresh and feeling uncomfortable. Like when you are talking to someone who you just met and straight away you already thinking 'this persons not for me'. I hate that. Being polite just because it's nice to be I also hate - if you don't like someone/something for any reason just say - keep it real, people appreciate honesty even when it hurts to hear it.

I LOVE MUSIC BECAUSE... it gave me a sense of personality when I was in my early teens. It lets me express myself in ways in which I never knew i could. I connect with music more than anything, I can find a part of my life that I can relate to almost any song - I like how people can share this, sharing experiences through a good song is something that you can't beat.

ORIGINALITY... is key and you can NOT fake it. People 'try' to be original all the time like they see it as this difficult thing to be?? Originality is easy, just be you and say what you want, wear what you want, think what you want and apply it how you want. Just be, and your originality will show.

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL... has very good taste and can spot whats good and great in this world from a mile off!
I am just impressed that you weren't tempted to rhyme Grizzle with Nizzle x


Drew said...

Fuck Poms are something else

Anonymous said...

haha YES!