Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DON'T YOU JUST HATE IT WHEN... (2) are sitting in economy class on an aeroplane during a long haul flight and you are packed in tighter than a ducks asshole, and they show adverts for first class on your little tiny TV screen? Um...thanks for that. We didn't realise that first class meant that your chair could recline all the way back into a bed...oh and you can have a massage too? Oh wow, AND you get complimentary slippers and pyjamas? GEE WHIZZ, if we'd have known THAT we would have spent that extra $20 000! I never say this word but 'c*nts'. wake up in the morning feeling pretty perky. You feel amazing in your outfit and you apply your make up like you never have before, you SWEAR everything just fell into place. Then you run into nobody, and nothing exciting happens during the entire. bloody. day? - what a frikkin waste.

...when it starts pissing it down as soon as you leave the hairdressers and your $100 haircut and blowdry is gone, and you are left looking like Diana Ross on crack?

...scene kids start to 'love' your favourite band? What the hell do they know?

...when you walk into a party or gathering and say a general 'hi' to everybody and nobody responds and just kinda gives you a half smile. And then they all watch you look for somewhere to sit and get comfortable and carry on with whatever boring, beige conversation they were having?

...when you give a friend a present that you spent alot of money on and knew she would like, and when she opens it in front of said crowd she doesnt get too excited and just kind of murmers her, you'll get poo wrapped in brown paper next time if you're not bloody careful.

Yes. I'm annoyed.


Sarra R. said...

oh, i can feel ya, hon!

Raptor said...

its like you read these out of my mind :)

by the way my word verification was "peins" and my dirty mind automatically rearranges the letters. thought you should know

Obnoxious Owl said...

those are the kind of verifications I enjoy!

motel said...

awesome! i had one of those days the other day where my hair just worked and i went into town and didn't even walk past one cute guy. then i went out the next day in my tracksuit pants, no bra, jacket and my hair all over the place to the shop and they were everywhere!!!

Obnoxious Owl said...

story of my life!

Megan Isabella said...

Hahaha good hair days, ah yes...when you find yourself flirting with the pimply pubescent boy at Officeworks, you know its been a waste