Thursday, November 12, 2009


...someone hits on you when you are BLATANTLY out of there league? Who do they think they are exactly? I know I'm no Miranda Kerr, but I ain't no Beth Ditto either, yes I know it's shallow, I think shallow may even be too deep a word for this rant, but I reckon you are lying if you said this wouldn't fry your bacon either. are walking down the road with one of your guy friends and girls check him out? OK, I'm not his girlfriend (and I don't want to be) but THEY don't know that. It's God damn disrespectful if you ask me.

...there is no milk? Or even worse, when you think you have milk but it is sour. Fuck my life.

...the opportunity arises for you to get your freak on with the cutie you have been cruising for ages and you are between waxes? Actually, it's probably a sign you should be keeping your knickers on to be honest. are listening to the radio in your car, and you KNOW they are about to play a choice tune because they keep banging on about it and then when they finally do, you are at work and you can't stay and listen to it because you're already late? discover your ex is engaged by seeing the bimbo he proposed to flashing her ring in photos on facebook? She's probably not a bimbo, I'm sure she's really nice, but for that moment she is a bimbo...who also needs to get her roots done. burn your tongue on your morning coffee and then everything tastes like horses ass for the entire day?

...your boyfriend/partner/crush doesn't end his text messages with a 'x' - I mean, how fucking hard is it?

...when you are posing for a photo and trying to pull a funny face, or the face you know makes you look good (you know what I'm talking about) and then some douche walks past the camera? It happens like all the time, and it never ceases to get less irritating.

...when the guy you have a crush on calls you 'mate'? finally bought the madly beautiful but insanely expensive handbag after saving for ages, only to discover it is $49.95 a month later?

...your best friend decides she loves the band Elbow, wearing fascinator hats with jeans and cuts a fringe the week after you have professed to love all these things? Then you can't say anything or get annoyed because you look petty and it's not like you OWN Elbow, hats or blunt fringes but you just KNOW she is a big fat copy cat.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I've just spent the last hour reading your blog and I may or may not be obsessed with it now. If I fail uni exams, I'll blame you.

Obnoxious Owl said...

No don't do that! Read my disclaimer! haha, study hard love, It'll be worth it. Thanks for reading x

elisa said...

oh my lord, i think this is THE best thing i have read all day.


Anonymous said...

I have had to suffer through all of the above, I especially hate no. 1!

Why can't people realise I am out of there league so we can avoid the awkward "I'm not interested" bit. Read the signals here! I'm clearly not into you.

Oh and then there is the guilt you feel afterward. Like you should feel so shallow. But really, how can you have any kind of romantic relationship with someone you're not attracted to?

Obnoxious Owl said...

TOTALLY. We are all in the same boat ladies xx

Raptor said...


Obnoxious Owl said...

dope ladys from live and loose x

Just Me said...

Hey my friend!
I just had to comment about the milk thing...
I buy a six pack of 250ml 'Everfresh' milk everytime i do my big shop. They are really good for those emergency coffee moments!
I know it doesn't taste the same, but at least you can still get enough caffeine in to last you until you get to the shop!

(they're also usually just big enough to fill a cereal bowl, or to make a cheese sauce enough for 2!)

love you! :)

Obnoxious Owl said...

Point noted, chef Sam x Love you too x

Sundari said...

That picture is classic! What's the story? And yeah that checking out your guy friend one is totally disrespectful. Love your blog btw.