Friday, November 13, 2009


Dear Obnoxious Owl,
Do guys expect girls to shave everything down there? Or is just keeping it neat and trimmed OK? :P Asking online anonymously is much easier than asking him, trust me, ha ha.
Rad Anonymous reader

Well love, firstly, they cannot EXPECT you to do anything. It's your body, your life. Boys differ when it comes to pubic preference, however, I pretty much think that most of the time they are just happy to be down there in the first place and therefore should be far too excited about being anywhere near your lady bits to have time to be worrying about your foliage situation. If you did want to get rid of everything, then I highly recommend a brazilian wax, it's a little painful but once you go wax you never go back. Pop an anti inflammatory or two an hour before and that should ease the pain slightly, but it is never going to feel like you are being licked by kittens, so just grin and bare it. Some dudes prefer you to be hairless when they are tending to you, um...orally, but other than that, it makes no diff to them really. If you aren't keen to go bare back sugar, just keeping it groomed is fine. After all, if you invite someone to a garden party, you need to be sure to trim the hedges.
Lots of love, Owl xx
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