Thursday, January 14, 2010

The eVANgelist

See what I did there? The term is often used in reference to Christianity, where the scriptures often describe "evangelism" as "spreading the Gospel". Well I have you know that there are certain critters out there that have done the very same thing with era's and now we got's a whole bunch of peeps 'brainwashed' into thinking only rocking VANS are cool. As far as I am concerned, they have just made their way on to the ever controversial Obnoxious Owl Beige List.

I bought my first pair nearly 6 years ago, just classic back with a white sole, at the Vans store on Carnaby Street in London. I think they were a bday pressie for my 23rd birthday (you do the math) - since moving to Aus I actually had them in storage back in Europe because I hardly ever wore them. I couldn't believe the Era massacre (and believe me, it's defs a massacre) that was going on down under. All these black skinny jeaned, mo sporting, flanno check shirt wearing, shitty sleeve tattoo wearing try hards thinking they're being dead original and uber cool because hey, Dogtown says it it must be.

(If you look closely, this is me sporting them in 2003 waiting for a tube. Ah...the fresh face of youth)

Anyhoo...this is just another example of something being perfectly dope until a scene crowd hook their little gnashers into it, and rape it for all it is worth.

So now they have gone and brought out some tribute Era's due in Feb. These shoes are supposed to pay tribute to Suicidal Tendencies, the seminal band that first gave skate punk street cred in Southern California nearly thirty years ago. The band like the shoes have inspired generations of musicians and skaters alike. So now all these little followers have to do is wear these fuckers and hey presto! not only do they still get to wear their little pansy shoes, but they get a bit of cred for being mildly affiliated with a band they have only ever kinda heard of. It's enough to make me vomit in my authentics.

Who can blame the brand for trying to be original by bringing out a 'Suicidal Tendencies' era to help fight against the smothering of the these overrated canvas slippers? Although I think it's only going to make it worse. Just another rockabilly tattoo, beanie-in-summer wearing douche will snap up these laces. Hell, Converse are just as rad, if not better, but just stick to whatever everyone else is doing OK sugar? I'm probs gonna get a bit of a telling off from all era fans, but the thing is...I actually couldnt give a 'hoot' what scenesters think of moi. It's not like the comments would be original or anything. Ouch.


uber_bri said...

wow your vicious tamworth, and i like it. your doing soooo well, have told all my mates in melbs about your blog, and they LOVE you. hope to see you soon xoxoxo

motel said...

i think die-hard fans of ST will be really for the try-hards? you can see them a mile away! they are the kinds that have full japanese sleeves by the time they are 21. i hate hipsters, but love vans...i have 12 pairs of the suckers(not all the same!) ^_^

Obnoxious Owl said...

Totes agree Motel. I hope that I came off as having a go at the hipsters and not the kicks.

Check what this lady has to say...

Nobody could accuse Motel of unoriginality xx

N. said...

This is the third pair of Suicidal Vans that have been released (that I am aware of, there may have been more).

Those Vans you're rocking in 2003, they *don't* have a white sole. Sneaker knowledge 101, home slice.

Converse are not "just as rad", they are the go-to shoe for the sneakers-with-suits brigade. Douchey....and beige.

Van's are the ultimate kicks - the best mankind has come up with to date, and have been since they were first released in the 60's. They are durable, casual, gangster, inexpensive, and have probably the most copied silhouette of all time.

Yes, its a been a massacre. A massacre I am proud to have been part of. I will continue wearing Vans, until I die (I have been wearing Vans for more than three decades already).

Vans for life baby.

PS - if I was going to offend any of the Vans-wearing sub cultures, I would have picked "fixie riders" over "hipsters". NOBODY likes a fixie rider.

Obnoxious Owl said...

Yeah they have a white sole...well not so much anymore as they are soiled to smithers. But fair play, you enjoy those bad boys. I aint knocking the shoe as such, more of the mass hysteria. I'm sure you do them proud.