Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So I'm not one of those uber tattooed girls. Not because I don't enjoy them, but more because I don't think it would particularly suit me. I have one on my inner arm of an anchor and one on the small of my back which I got when I was 18 and I don't want to talk about it. Suzi Q has quite the rep here in WA (try over a years wait list), so when I decided to get my new one, I wasn't prepared to go anywhere else! I am majorly in love with the little owl I now sport on my leg (lovingly named Olive).
Mademoiselle Suzi is as sweet as she is talented, and she is as sweet as chocolate cherry pie.

I am from ... Chepstow, a small town in S. Wales, UK.

I started ... my apprenticeship in 2001 in the USA

My family and friends ... are pretty supportive, especially my husband, he was the one that really encouraged me to give it a go! Other close family were surprised but not shocked and I didn't really care what anyone else thought!

I am influenced ... by the tattooist who offered me my apprenticeship, Lea Smith who owned Lucky Lady Studio in NC back in the day - without her I would have nothing of the life I have now. I'm influenced by loads of artists especially low brow art, old movie posters, retro images, etc. Getting tattooed by other artists when traveling is also a big influence, as is working and meeting tattooists at conventions.

I refuse ... to tattoo political or racist bullshit, or men's privates, ha ha! When I was working in Florida a guy and girl came in and he asked for 'Property of …..' on his girlfriend's arse - nice huh? I didn't do that!

My favourite piece is ... It changes all the time, at the moment I am tattooing a flamingo with flowers on a friend's arm, I want to marry that one! Also, I've just finished a full sleeve zombie/apocalypse scene after about 25 hrs work over 7 sessions, I'm pretty keen on that one too.

The art of tattooing ... will still be the same, there will be new advances in technique, machines, ink, removal, etc but people will still have the love affair with tattooing. The industry however will either be completely over saturated or pared right back to the old days!

If I wasn't doing this ... I'd find it hard now after tattooing to do anything else, probably something 'arty' - painter or something? Before tattooing found me I probably would have carried on working with kids with behavioral difficulties until the job did me in!

The worst perception of the industry is ... that the world owes you something when you start tattooing. I hate that there's no respect any more from some people in the industry, people want to make a quick buck out of it or develop a huge rock-star ego and not put in any of the hard work or years of training that goes with it. Tattooing is hard work, end of.

The best thing about my job is ... everything! It's a love/hate thing you see! It gets under your skin. I love that I get to travel, meet new people, make new friends, get to be creative on a daily basis, all the things that make people think they want to be a tattooists……….but with a bucket load of hard work thrown in.

I have ... 2 full sleeves & socks, random ones on chest, hands, back, neck….

My favourite is ... Usually the last one I had done, because it's new & shiny! I love my neck tattoo by Rose Hardy, and my Jaws theme leg, but I've just had a honey bee tattooed on my hand by my very good friend Lucy Pryor to remember my mum who died last year and that's my favourite now.

I listen to ... all sorts…. Tiger Army….

My favourite ice cream is ... Oooohh, something with nuts in it! Or coffee….

The Owl is ... a mighty wise bird!

Suzi works at HOLDFAST TATTOO contact: (08) 9361 6114


natashajean said...

both the owl and the flamingo are gorgeous! I wish I knew more about great australian tattoo artists. I've never got them but I think that tattoos are amazing things, and the people who create them very talented.

erin said...

That owl is so perfect! I love Owls. I wanted to get four little owls on a little branch. But it seemed like it would be too big for my little self.

Ruby Velour said...

I have heard so much good stuff about Suzie Q (from friend who come from Perth) so this was really great! From what I have seen of her work she's an incredible tattoo artist and I'd like to think I could get her to work her magic on me one day (whenever I get my lazy arse over to WA anyway). Your owl is super cute too :)