Friday, April 23, 2010

Jeremy Nell - Cartoonist

I'll be honest...I first added Jeremy as a friend on facebook because I thought he was someone I went to school with. However, his funny as hell/sarcastic status updates gave it away, because there was no fucking way that the person I thought he was could have thought of such hilarity. So after a bit of a lurk (come on, you know how it is) I discovered that he was the brains behind the nationally syndicated comic strip 'The Biggish Five' as well as the front page political cartoon in The Times in South Africa.
With South African politics being more unstable than a drunk teenage girl in heels, it's no wonder Jeremy (affectionately and wittily known as 'Jerm') seems to always manage to find inspiration. I love lateral thinkers, and this man is so lateral that he wears a knitted pink elephant on his head.

I live ... in the northern suburbs, where the okes work on their Nissan bakkies on Friday nights, play darts, listen to Kurt Darren, and wear mullets. And by "okes", I mean "chicks".

The best thing about my job is ... feedback from readers.

And the worst is ... feedback from readers.

(I hear ya) The biggest understanding ... is that I have always been political. My daily comic strip, The Biggish Five, is a big(ger) part of my job and isn't political.

My favourite colour is ... I'm a cartoonist. That's an unfair question.

Other comics I enjoy are ... too many to type. But I prefer old-school over new-school, usually. The older stuff is funny, while the newer stuff is offensive for the sake of being offensive (which anyone can do). Of course, I am generalising.

I like my coffee ... the way purists don't. Instant and cheap. (That said, have you seen the price of Nescafe Classic, lately?)

The song that you continuously skip and can't understand why it's even on your ipod is ... 2 Unlimited's Get Ready For This. (Although, I find myself letting it play for a minute or two. FML.)

I am inspired by ... everything and everyone.

Quick! Your house is on fire! Grab something ... My African Grey parrot.


Have a geez of his website and follow him on twitter. He's a pretty nice guy. He also recently got engaged so say congratulations.


Liz said...

I love his cartoons, awesome stuff. BTW I saw this in an online newspaper today and thought you'd like to see it :)
(it's about a pair of owls and they kiss awww!)

Obnoxious Owl said...

awww indeed :)

motel said...

he has so much wit! big fan ^_^