Monday, May 31, 2010

Naboo Was Here

*sigh* So I love a good celeb like the next person. Plus I love it if they had to say, just drop in at say YOUR HOUSE! Basically, my mates live in a house share, affectionately named '574', for no other reason that it's house number is just that. It's the place where we threw the Owl party, remember? The one with the mini ramp outback?

Here is us having another soiree...theres me on the top in the gold leggings. Obvs.

It's pretty interesting on the inside too...

So as many of you know Naboo from Mighty Boosh was in town throwing down his DJ set last night and just happened to drop by. I have no idea how it happened, other than my mate Joshie gave him a haircut in the kitchen. I am fucking blogging this shit, even though I wasn't there because I wanna be part of the cool train, and also, I had just left like 30 minutes before! So therefore, by association, I am cool.
He left a thought provoking chalk message on the lounge room wall ...

That shits deep. I could totes go some ribs now.
All images were taken by the uber fine Peche - a resident of 574.

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