Saturday, May 22, 2010

You Wish Jellyfish

So if money were no object, I would totes be throwing the Benjamin's at these works of fashion art...
This jacket by MARC JACOBS has got to be the most sensational thing I have seen like in the last however long. It's BEGGING for fuchsia lips from limecrime and eyelashes that tickle your forehead.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN probs made this dress from heaven and sent it down. He also then whopped a $8000 price tag on it. In fairness, postage woulda been killa from where he is now.

Brazilian swimwear designer ROSA CHA is my favourite of all favourites. I have been pining for one of her insane swimsuits for years. Look at this one! Imagine this on tanned skin ... correction, on MY tanned skin, lying on the beach with a mad mani to match! And then for sun downers, you could slip on a pair of worn high waisted Levi's, some big ass gold hoops and a cocktail. Bloody hell. Winter hasn't even started and I'm imagining my new summer wardrobe.

This increddy creation is by Dame VIVIENNE WESTWOOD and at first it threw me ... it kinda looks like a strippers idea of class. But then I vetoed the perspex platform heels, and imagined it with opaque white tights, monochrome lace up booties, red glossy luscious lips, a black leather biker jacket...and then the cherry on the couture...a mad quiff in the hair. Gwen Stefani much?

I fucking love MATTHEW WILLIAMSON. The man is not afraid of colour...not one little bit. When Donna Karen and clan were sending beige potato sacks down the runway, this St Martins graduate was embracing fluorescent pink. THEN he delivers these beauty's. This shoe should be worn with...nothing. And you should be flat on your back, with your hair around your face and a saucy smile on your dial.

I heart MOSCHINO. That is all.

Now...drum roll please...check out this frikkin clutch bag by JUDITH LEIBER! Oh sweet Jesus. It's only like 9 grand. I'm sure I have that lying down the side of the couch somewhere. haha, the ironic thing is, is that if I owned this magnificent item, I'd be teaming it with ripped jeans, a black bustier and gold metallic trainers. Whats the problem?

Now all I need is a Diplo lookalike, with Johnny Depp's soul, David Beckhams bank account and Jesus's abs. Imma marry him wearing the Vivienne Westwood outfit.
It's great to dream eh girls? xx

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Ruby Velour said...

OMG all of that fashion is amazing. If only I had millions in which to waste on clothing like this!