Sunday, May 23, 2010

Danny Hughes - Artist / Writer / Breaksof10 Co founder

I am from ... The Untied Kingdom (Or so it seems at the minute) Currently residing in Newcastle.

I mostly ... Work from 22 Pink Lane: Electrik Sheep Gallery & Reluctant Hero design, Often work on my online webmag Breaksof10, and sometimes for music collective One20.

I hardly ... ever get a good nights sleep. There is always something going on!

I would never ... order grande' cervezas & more pork knowing full well I didn't have my wallet! But I would always ... try to DJ when my friends head to the toilet leaving the ones & twos unattended.

My most favourite thing is ... a BBQ with friends, a good coffee, Natalie Portman?

I am ... sat at my desk, in my favourite place, trying to make things happen...

I would ... love there to be more hours in the day. At least Red Bull gives me a few extra!

I am thankful ... for my family & friends. They are scattered all over the country and the world. From New York to LA, Oz to Madrid, Edinburgh to Manchester.

I regret ... Not playing the drums when I was young. Too busy playing sports.

When I was ... young I was into toys, street art, bboy culture, music, and sports... I'm glad to say I haven't traded all this in for a suit and a briefcase. I often wear shorts!

Famous last words? I'm hoping I won't have to think about them for a while.