Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Obnoxious Owl Experience - Week 4

To be honest, the weeks leading up to my trip overseas are pretty yawn. The anxiety is fucking killing me. I have muchos outfits to plan, nails to get did, unruly pubic hair to wax (hey! don't judge) and travel insurance to sort out. I haven't exactly planned the nail sitch very well. I get them done every 2 weeks like clockwork (have done for the last 6 years!) but this time, I leave in the middle of my little fortnightly cycle. So I just had to get them freshened up until my next appointment which is a day before I leave!

Yeeeahhh, a bit more than freshened up, but you just WAIT until you see the marvels I have planned for Glastonamazing. It's gonna be hardcore, uncensored nail porn.

Haha, I had to take this photo. I'm a state manager for a clothing label (yeah I know, I'm real important) and these are my boys from one of my stores. They actually planned this ying yang shit. I swear to God, I keep threatening everyone, but I'm going to fire everybody and start all over again and hire some hotties who don't do gay shit like this. They are driving me to the edge of the edge. Which is why my staple brekkie is this fuck show ...

What ya gonna do? Nah seriously though, I love my staff. They pretty much put up with me too as I'm not your regular boss lady. I do sometimes make them put my number in the bag of a particulary fuckable customer from time to time. So they are pretty good sports. There is always the whole 'threatening of their job' thing ... they know how it is.

Yeah I got 'old mate' off old Ebay. This was seriously the highlight of my week. Which is slightly concerning. I'm considering getting a troll tattoo wearing air max 90's. That wouldn't be in bad taste at all ....

I should probably throw in the towel and admit that I have an unhealthy obsession with chicken katsu at the moment. I have pretty much had it for lunch um .... every day ... kinda. It's just so blinking tasty! And sometimes, if you lead a life like mine, which is about as predictable as an Icelandic earthquake, some predictability does not go fucking amiss ... I can tell ya THAT for free. So I might just continue my little ritual because small comforts should not be underrated.

Not sure if I mentioned it, but I'm going to Glastonbury....hahaha sozz. ANYWAY. there are like 8 of us hitting it up, and we have decided to make one another a poncho 'that best fits that persons personality'. (FYI - if I get a poncho making me look like a fucking owl, I'll smother you with it in your sleep) Ehrm. So I went on a 'lil fabric hunt over the weekend in order to get my craft on and I found this fabric. (No Jerome, it's not for you) I seriously want a bomber jacket made out of this hey. With black and white zebra print lining. Hell, why not make it reversable too? Who is up for the challenge!? I'll pay you with gratitude and friendship, 'cause it's all I actually have right now.

Which explains why when I see some Reebok freestyles going for 50 smackers, I seize the moment. Hmm, I suppose it doesnt matter that they are a size too small (3 and a half) because with that price, you can't really go wrong. But you CAN go cripple. Totes worth it though.

With a name like Ben Frost OF course you're gonna be an artist. Seriously how cool is that name? Excuse the pun. Giving your kids great names in possibly the most responsible thing you can do as a parent hey? Like Ben Frost ain't gonna be no janitor now is he? Neither will Julian Casablancas. Nah man, with names like these, you are destined to do something increddy.

Last Saturday night was Frosty's 'Tales of Terror' exhibit at Wasteland Gallery here in 'ol Perthetic. The art is actually pretty wonderful. So was the free booze, a fair amount of hot ass and my outfit. Other than that, the people who go to these things are SOOOOOOOOO fucking up themselves. They roll in to the exhibit lookin all 'shabby chic' and keep glancing over your shoulder just in case there is sombeody better they can be seen talking to. I hate that. I walk into things like this thinking, 'I am the coolest mother fucker in here and you can all suck it' - it's false confidence but it works! Seriously. Nobody is that important.

Here's me looking amazing. hahaha

Me again with Ben Frost. Jesus. Why do I have my 'fuck me' face on? He looks a little scared. I don't bloody blame him...

Well apparently not ...
Peep the little recap I did for Acclaim here. There are more pics from the night there too, all taken by my favourite photographer Luke Thompson.
So thats it then. Yet another riveting post about the week of O.Owl. Bet you can't get enough of this shit.
kisses xx

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