Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SJ OWEN - DirtyRich Store Owner

Lady Sarah Jane is a woman after my own heart. Independant. Colourful. Steeze to knock you off your big beige chair. Killer mani's. And an ability to charm you with just the sound of her big laugh. As if being a lady blogger, digital media sales hu$$ler (most recently for VICE), writer for a fist full of mags and fashion distribution wasn't enough, she goes and launches her own fucking online store! DIRTYRICH.COM is it's name, and the lady behind it is Sarah Jane! (haha...sozz, couldn't help myself) FUCK we need this. With the 'teenage grandma' trend that seems to be flourishing, it's getting harder for those of us who like to get rude and in your face (with our clothes ) to find said threads.
Enter the flame haired diva...
With DirtyRich offering up US brands such as Clawmoney * Cubannie Links (FYI - AMAZING!) * Dimepiece * Hellz Bellz * Joyrich * LA fine * Married to the Mob * Princess of the Posse and soon to be added Wildfox - we can now purchase the brands we are always reading about on the blogs right here in Aus! God knows we need it. Thanks girl, O.Owl hearts you. I've been dying to introduce you to SJ for aaages! (many of you have probs already heard of her) - so I managed to tie her down - as this week has been pretty mental in her world.

I am ... Sarah Jane Owen, aka Lady SJ. Call me straight ‘Sarah’ without the ‘Jane’ and the friendship will be over before it’s begun. I’m the proud parent of Dirtyrich, which is an Australian online store that sells womens US contemporary sports and street wear.

I am so glad ... I have confidence (at times unfounded) because otherwise I wouldn’t have done half the things I have with my life. Dutch courage I think they call it? But I ain't Dutch.

Once upon a time ... I had a blonde perm! I looked like a poodle! Around the same time I used to exclusively wear vintage dresses and heels and worked as a journalist on a trade mag. True story.

If I ... had an endless supply of clams and could live anywhere I would equally divide my time between NYC, SF, Sydney and London. My five fave places which are all conveniently gateways to their ends of the earth.

I collect ... Reebok Freestyles, both new and vintage. I’m widely regarded as the worlds largest collector and in my prime had over 100 pairs in an assortment of colourways and fabrics.

My secret ... for keeping perfume and lipstick fresh is to store them both in the fridge.

The best way to describe my ... personal style is to combine Grandma Yetta from The Nanny, MIA and Pixie Geldof and get them to fight each other in an OP shop. Whatever they all come out with is probably what I would wear.

Image for Sneaker Freaker by Jeff Yiu

I have always wondered ... why I lack the ability to think before I speak? As old as I get and as many lessons as I learn my brain and mouth don’t seem to have marred up on this one yet. I suppose I would be much less ‘me’ if I did though.

If I could wish for anything ... it would be the resounding success of my shop. Launching a new business is single handed the scariest and hardest thing I have ever done and I just really fucking wish that all the late nights, stress and tears pay off. I really hope I am bringing something interesting, new and cool to Australian women.

I am really loving ...
the cooler weather. Winter demands for you to be more creative with your wardrobe and there is nothing hotter than a well layered outfit.

I think the Obnoxious Owl ... should move her arse to Sydney so we can hang out more and think up new/more ideas for world domination.

Hold that thought girl x
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Lady SJ said...

Great article owl!! Well, I am mildly biased ;)

Much <3 mami, thank youuuu x

Obnoxious Owl said...

It's pretty top notch

Daphne Le Lyra said...

wow..ur review was sooo awesome!now im checking out this website..xoxo!