Saturday, July 3, 2010


Not many artists catch my eye, and Ryan is defs not one of them. Kidding kidding, he is actually really good. Plus he has amazing sideburns. Check out his site, he really has a fondness for planes.

I like ... planes.

I have always been bothered by ... people who don't buy things to replace them after they use them.

I wonder what ... makes ducks hate seagulls.

When I was ... young

Usually I would ... spend my time being young and running around with endless energy and no horizon or goals. It sounds pretty awesome, but you know some time
you just need to knuckle down and get on with being broken by the

Yesterday I ... spent all day watching 'True Blood' in bed and I found out that I
wasted a day.

Whenever I find ... 50 dollars on the street I always tell people around me and they are
like "Hey that's my 50 dollars". I have to give it back to them and it
sucks. True story.

It's highly likely that ... every one should buy some art work from me or ask me to do some art work for them and pay me heaps of money.

I can't stand ... up when I drink too much or when I get very sleepy, then I have to lie down.

My favourite ... musicians are dead or they don't make good music any more.

I think the Obnoxious Owl ... is awwwwwwwwwwight!

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