Thursday, August 26, 2010

MS FITZ - Stylist

Amongst the filler flowers in the arrangment we call this world, there will always be one exotic bloom poking it's way through the shrubbery.  It's the one that first catches your attention and confuses you because you don't know what it's called...but it is the one you will remember.  Ms Fitz is someone you will remember.  When I first layed my eyes on this creature it was love at first sight.  Her work has been featured on Germanys Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, Numerous runway shows and publications such as Oyster, Rolling Stone, Grazia etc etc.  Style no doubt comes naturally to this peacock of a woman, but so does music ... she has performed with Rye Rye and Peaches and toured with The Gossip.  Impressive as it is, this vixens resume was only a minor factor in me wanting her featured on O.Owl, I wanted her face on here because of her bad ass, no holds barred, middle finger pulling, making dogs howl and babies cry mother fucking steeze.  It's ladies such as this that make me proud to have a pussy.  Australia...this girl is reppin you in NYC, how happy are you?!  M.I.A you better step it up girl ... I'm starting to look at another a woman.

I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND ... growl. I'm not a morning person.

I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY ... when I'm at the beach. No lie, sounds corny I know- but the ocean is part of my DNA.

MY 3 MOST PRIZED POSSESIONS ARE ... my mac, my makeup and my man. Does that count?

MY SECRET ... Surround yourself with positive people and only those who want what's best for you

I got wet knickers from this picture - Owl

Fitz makes Beavis and Butthead look bad ass

I REMEMBER THIS ONE TIME ... I knocked all my teeth out in the swimming pool when I was a little girl

I CURRENTLY ... am obsessed with superstitions from all different cultures over the world


ONE DAY ... I'm gonna be rich!!

IT NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME ... how lucky I am :)

IF I COULD.... "change the world, you would be the sunlight in my universe. You would think my love was really something good, baby if I could cha-aangeee the world." Eric Clapton

I HAVE ALWAYS ... loved to dance, and I will until my dying day. I'm not the best dancer in the world, but it brings me joy.

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL ... is hilarious and full of useful sex advice x

'I could never be a personal shopper because I don't know how to dress civilians. I'm in the business of creating icons, thnx' - Ms Fitz 

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Anonymous said...

fuck yeah!!!!!

Ingrid Kesa said...

Ms Fitz is a queen among women.