Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Take my advice...I don't use it anyway HOMME Part 17


GIRLS STILL STUFF THEIR BRAS - You know how to tell? The spillage is more that whats in the glass...ya get me?

WE LOVE IT WHEN YOU SULK - It makes us wanna give you wristies tillz we get pins and needles. Not.

LOSE THE MAN BAG - First vomit on it, THEN lose it.

IT'S NOT COOL TO JUST GO FOR THE VAGINA WITHIN 5 SECONDS OF MAKING OUT - The trick is to make her beg. Didn't your father teach you anything?

*WE CAN SQUIRT, IT'S TRUE - But not on demand. You need to know what you are doing. Sozz.

HONESTLY? SIZE DOES KINDA MATTER - But 99% of the time it's fine. Just act like your cock is massive no matter what...because really, what else can you do?

MOST TIMES, YOU WILL LOOK WAY HOTTER IF YOU SHAVE YOUR HEAD - No wait...that's just my fetish. Whatevs, just make sure you have a nice looking head first.

*Some girls can totally squirt on demand. They are rare and they are freaks. If you find one, you got the golden ticket to Wonka's factory.


Chloe said...

hahahaah holy shit that picture.

Obnoxious Owl said...

a picture speaks a 1000 words, dunnit? x