Friday, September 17, 2010


It's no secret that I have a passion for street art and anything bright, thought provoking and random.  I say random because there is nothing quite as random as walking down an ordinary road, or catching an ordinary train and you suddenly come across a piece of artwork that just brightens what could have been a pretty boring, beige moment.  It definitely cheers me up that there are people in this world who take it upon themselves to beautify and make ordinary, every day life really quite interesting.   I have come across Tom Blackfords aka INKFETISH work before on the net and such.  I used to live in London for many years and remember the odd INKFETISH piece here and there, and the name stuck in my head.  Now with Twitter and such 'tings I discovered we have mutual friends and so I dug a little deeper.  We haven't had heavy, soul discovering chats and you know what?  I like that.  I like that he is 'meh, yeah here's my art, it's what I do' It's refreshing.  And it says alot about why he does what he does.  I think of his work, before I think of the person...which basically means, that there is substance to his creations and the foundation he appears to be laying is a solid one.  It is so easy to build hype without substance, and Mr Blackford appears to have dodged that alluring road.  I'm impressed, and it makes me love his incredible work even more.  Read on and do some research on the man with a fetish for ink.  You will see what all the fuss is about.

HAVE YOU HEARD ... that the bird is the word?

I AM PRETTY PLEASED ... that this interview doesn't ask the same old questions.

ART ... is overpriced.

COLOUR ... makes things interesting.


THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO AT A PARTY ... is probably soil yourself.

THE LAST GIG I ATTENDED ... I most likely hated.

IT CONSTANTLY AMUSES ME ... the lengths people will go to, to get noticed.

HOW MANY TIMES ... should you shuffle a deck of cards?

I LIKE LONDON BECAUSE ... of the chaos.

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL ... is a great name for a blog.


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Anonymous said...

woah. ive seen inkfetish work before all over london. nang!!!!!