Thursday, September 30, 2010


DRESS:  Copped it from a second hand stall in Green Market in Cape Town around 4 years ago, it was a little longer but I go that shit shortened
JACKET: French Connection
KICKS:  White Air Max 90s - Fruit Tingles
SUNGLASSES: A gift from mates from their trip to New York
LIPSTICK:  MAC impassioned

All pics taken by a sexy snapper named Beck Mansell - check check check it

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Remember: Beige isn't a's a lifestyle choice.


GG said...

look at you shiny happy perth people! damn you all look sexy! cant wait to frolic with y'all in february.

killer photos + killer outfits. what kinda camera does the photographer use? x

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, your fingernails are way too long to be cool. Sorry. xo

Obnoxious Owl said...

Haha, this is true. Pssst, I'm not actually that cool. Don't tell anyone x