Monday, October 25, 2010

Come on Barbie let's go party

I ain't gonna lie, I loved Aqua and I loved Barbie Girl.  Ha! U ain't so oreegooonaaalll are ya Katy Perry?  This tune reared it's head in 97 and I stand corrected, but I'm prrrretty sure they are still the most successful Danish band...ever.  I also remember when Puff Daddy was banging 'ol Barbie herself back in the 90' like you some Danish pastry dontcha P Did?  Her voice is cloying, but the video is pretty fab and bloody hell has it aged well!  That California Russell Perry Katy Brand vid can go suck it.  Whats the bet Diplo remixes this ditty or someone tries to bring it back..wait hang on, thats what I'm doing! Yup, Owl is bringing Aqua back.


Anonymous said...

i MISS the 90's! I remember watching this film clip when i was young and being obsessed with it HAHAHAHA

Ruby Velour said...

I have been trying to bring AQUA back for ages. Maybe our powers combined will finally accomplish this!!!