Thursday, December 23, 2010

1UP on William - new age fun with a vintage feel

Just when I start getting itchy feet, the city I live in starts to sort it's life out. Slowly (very slowly) but surely old mate Perth here in Western Australia is creeping up that fashionable ladder.  1UP on 312b William Street is a new little shop stocking brands such as Hellz Bellz, Wildfox, For the Homies and Miss Wax jewellery amongst others.  It also has a 5 screen digital art gallery in the form of an old video game arcade (hence the name 1UP) and stick with these guys, 'cause in 2011 a micro cinema is being installed upstairs where they will be screening independent and arty farty flicks. I hope by 'independant' they mean 'porn'.  But until then you can grab some threads, and if you mention OBNOXIOUS OWL (thats me) you get a 10% discount. Yeah that's right...stick with me kids, you'll go places. Well, not really but you will get cheaper clothes.


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