Thursday, December 23, 2010

DEAN WALKER - Menswear Buyer for Van Mildert

Funny Story of how I met Dean actually. Picture Glastonbury music festival.  Picture 35 degree heat. Picture me and my lovely photographer friend Beck after 5 days with no shower, sleep and minimal brain cells.  This was the day we decided to do the story for a magazine.  Yes. Why would we pick the first day when everyone and everything is fresh and we are normal, functioning human beings?  I'll tell you why, because had we been sensible, we would have never have found Mister Dean Walker looking all 'Johnny Depp esque' whilst purchasing an ice cream ... exhibit A ...

Photo by BMANCE
(...find it published in the current issue of YEN magazine)  

So working under the influence aside, I got Dean's deets (see what I did there?) and when I finally found my feet back on Australian soil and managed to learn the alphabet again, I got in touch.  Turns out, this north eastern Englishman is part of the men's buying team for Van Mildert. You know it?  It's only like THE most amazing store boasting brands such as Y3, Vivienne Westwood, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Penguin. They ship to Aus for 30 bucks as well ... so check that shit out. Especially you Perth lot who rely more heavily on the internet than a 40 year old virgin.  So yeah Dean...interesting and steezing fella.  He has probably one of the better menswear blogs that I've come across called The Style Raconteur.  Some paths are meant to cross and I am most delighted that the Owly path and Mr's Walkers have had the pleasure of entwining.  Here he is doing the sentence finishing thing....

THE BEST THING ... is that what we wear on the outside can make us feel better on the inside.

IF I COULD LIVE ... anywhere in the world it would be the Fairfax district in LA, I was there last year and the place blew me away busting at the seams with cool stores, bars and the most creative people I've ever met.

I REMEMBER THIS ONE TIME ... woke up with my ear pierced, one shoe and more money in my pocket than when I went out!

LUXURY TO ME ... spending time with the people I love, sometimes you get caught up in the rat race and forget whats really important in life.

MY WARDROBE ... is never good enough and always needs adding too.

PEOPLE ... are strange!

I OFTEN THINK ... that's the coolest thing is the other side of the pillow.

I LOVE LISTENING ... to Sweet Little Mystery by John Martyn it makes me think of so many good memories and it has the ability to make me feel both happy & sad.

I FIND IT INTERESTING ... that we can learn something off everybody we come in contact with.

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL ... like other Owls has 3 sets of eyelids.

All the better to see you with...Love Owl xx


vassmoney said...

Hah this trips me out...worlds colliding shit.

Obnoxious Owl said...

I know right? Mental.