Saturday, March 19, 2011

Take my advice...I don't use it anyway Part quatre-vingt-huit

LOW SELF ESTEEM FUCKS WITH YOU - Man, this shit can kill you quicker than cancer. It eats away at you until you are nothing but a moody, whiny, boring bitch.  We all know that what makes us unhappy about ourselves we can change, yet we struggle to do this, thus making us angry at ourselves and frustrated which only adds to the dregs of our self esteem. It really is all in your head. YOU NEVER LOOK AS BAD/FAT/UGLY AS YOU THINK YOU DO. If you say out loud 'God I look shit today' then yes, everyone will think you look shit today. Also, everyone knows you are just looking for a compliment or validation that you don't in fact 'look shit'. It's a tough one this, and I actually don't have a lot of advice for it. Only you know what you gotta do, so do it. 

IF HE ASKS YOU OUT, THEN HE SHOULD PAY - Nothing more of a clit killer than when a man makes you pay for your own dinner after he called the date. If you call it, you pay or he should at least offer. Call it old fashioned, I call it fucking manners.

THIS BLOG IS NOT ABOUT YOU - Are you really that self obsessed? When you read blogs or social network commentary do you take it personally? I s'pose everyone does to an extent, but then common sense and the dawning of the realization that, 'HEY! Not everything is about me!' enters the mind and you go on your merry little way. And FYI? This part is totally about you. 

QUIT HATING ON PEOPLE WHO ARE SHIT - If there ain't shit people, then you don't look as good as you do because you won't have the comparison. We need the shit people. Love you shit people! You don't have to hang around them (a summer festival in Australia can often be a shit people party) but don't sit on your 'I'm too cool' corner making judgments and passing obvious comments, because without them, you won't be you. Sometimes, besides having role models of who we aspire to be, it's good to have the 'role models' of those we avoid to be. Ya know?

MAKE TIME FOR FAMILY AND BUY YOUR NAN SOME FLOWERS - I don't give a toss about how you feel towards them (unless, you know, you were abused some shit) but I encourage you to get over it and bury the hatchet. Whatever that fucking means.


Anonymous said...

you rock. This part is totally about you... or me? what the hell. love reading you, always. don't stop.

Obnoxious Owl said...

Thank you x

Gaiamara said...

Awesome post, doll! You know exactly how to hit the proverbial nail on the head with your brilliant commentary. Thanks for being you ;-)

Obnoxious Owl said...

I wish I could say it's my pleasure but I'm a mess! haha. Thank you love x

Gaiamara said...

As long as you're a magnificent mess then it's all good! Big hugs to you, I hope the mess is manageable x

Jess said...

Love this so hard. I also find that shit peopleare mostly blatantly unaware of their shitness and often mistake it for awesomeness.
x x