Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Take my advice...I don't use it anyway Part quatre-vingt-douze

DON'T START AN ARGUMENT JUST TO SEE HOW MUCH THEY CARE - There is this new thing where others just feel irritated by insecure people instead of feeling sorry for them. You see, we all have insecurities and we all have different ways in nurturing (yes nurturing) them.  So if you want to pick a fight just so they can send you message after message going, 'Whats wrong?' or 'Are you OK?' therefore making you feel wanted and desired then you need to sit the fuck down and figure out what will make you happy and sort your life out.

GUYS ENJOY GAGGING - I think its because it makes them feel like their dick is massive. Don't worry, you won't actually throw up but make the noise. They like it. And you want to make them happy don't you? The sadistic bastards.

HE/SHE DOESN'T NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU HAVE SLEPT WITH - It's private and none of their business and will only cause unreasonable drama. If they ask, just lie. Serves them right for being nosy.

GIRLS: HAVE SPECIAL PERIOD KNICKERS - Like ones you only wear during your period. You don't go hiking in your Jimmy Choos do you?  Exactly.

BORED, UNINSPIRED AND IRRITABLE? - Get a new haircut. Buy new sheets. Cook something you've never tried before. Reorganize your kitchen. Say yes to the guy who has been asking you out for ages.  Failing all of these? Pack up, sell everything you don't need and move to a new city.

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