Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look what I've got!

I know I'm not the most conventional girl. Allegedly. But I do enjoy warm hands during winter.  I usually roll with basic fingerless (this mani cost a lot, folk need to see it) black woolen gloves, but THEN I came across hoopla and I can deal with my fancy fingernails not being on display (I missed my appointment this week anyway)  Check them out!

That there what you are seeing are mittens in the form of an Owl vs a rat. Yup. I know...amazing. I get sent shit all the time on here, and as you well know, I'm more about talking about boys and vagina's but when things are good then they are worth speaking of.  Dude, you HAVE to check out their site hey.  Based in New York but they ship near and far and there are plenty more designs. I have more Owl paraphernalia than you can shake a stick at (what does that even mean?) but none that come as mittens. CHECK OUT HOOPLA 


Shinygirl said...

Love the mitts.

Miss Owl, I check your blog almost every day and I need some of your straight-talking advice.

I finally broke up with my stupid boyfriend of three years and have been happily single for a couple of months. Now I'm having the MAJOR crush on a friend of a friend, and not just a wet-panties fantasy-crush, but a full-on imagining having his babies crush. Class A Rebound Crush.

How can I avoid falling into the Rebound Crush Trap when I know that as much as I like the guy it's just too much too soon? He doesn't know I'm crushing, but it's driving me up the wall with distraction every time I run into him (and even when I don't).

I need your sage advice and would consider it a personal honour if you would inflict some knowledge on me.

PS: Biking around Wellington I still get asked regularly about my awesome-sauce Obnoxious Owl bumper sticker.

Obnoxious Owl said...

Hi love,

Hey, it's only natural to miss the intimacy of a relationship when you just get out of one. The new found independence is liberating but also lonely hey? Look, don't stress and worry about what you should and shouldn't do. If you think you like this guy, hang out with casual and be cool. Enjoy attention and SEX and if it doesn't work out meh and if it does great! Over thinking shit is the devil!

God speed mon cherie x

Shinygirl said...

Thank you oracle of owly wisdom, you give the best advice. xx