Sunday, November 15, 2009


So this is one of my most favourite magazines ever. Besides YEN which I am published in from next month (*cough* cough* shameless plug *cough*) and British Vogue which I find a lot less pretentious than it's French and American buddies, not that those aren't great either...calm down.

But ACCLAIM gets me excited, not in a horny kinda way...well kinda does, there are some fly looking men in there sometimes. But if your interests lie in contemporary culture such as art and design, street wear, graffiti and toys, skateboarding, music and tattoos etc then this rad bunch of paper is for you. Issue 18 is now on the shelves and they are throwing a little launch party guessed it...Melbourne and Sydney. Now, the boys at ACCLAIM have assured me that Perth is under great consideration for future shindigs...I am posting this on condition that they keep their promise! So anyway, for all those lucky fuckers in the Eastern States, check out the flyer for the launch as well as their new cover.


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uber_bri said...

Tam i bought yen with florence and the machine on it - is that the one your in? or am i too early..