Saturday, November 21, 2009


Passing your driving test. The sense of accomplishment is magnificent.

When you buy a chocolate bar from a vending machine and the sucker shoots 2 of them out by accident OR even better, when some dickhead has left their change behind.

Listening to a song that you haven't heard in what just happened to me now, Halo by Bloc Party. What a wonderful thing music is.

When you see your ex and you look smoking hot and he has a receding hairline.

Finding 10 bucks in your pocket. That shit never gets old.

When you weigh yourself and you haven't picked up a single kilo, in fact you have lost some weight even though you gorged on McDonald's the day before and feel gastronomically violated.

That song 'Domino's' by The Big Pink. It's God damn amazing.

Hotel room sex - where inhibitions go to die.

Bacon sandwiches the morning after a big night. Has to be soft white bread, not toasted with loads of red sauce. This is the Obnoxious Owl hangover cure.


Sundari said...

Hope I do that test soon! Still on the L's!

Monster Girl said...

hey there! I totally just gave your blog a blog award on my blog! Blogblogblogblog! :)

Raptor said...

LOVE seeing an ex when you know you look good! And even bigger plus when they look like shit! X

agirl said...

'gastronomically violated' - just awesome.

Raptor said...