Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I'd like to think the party was banging yes? Other than the filth closing it down at 1am! How very dare they...don't they know who I am? But seriously, there were no dramas, no fights, no broken bottles, no tears...everyone acted like grown ups and got dirty on the dance floor...just the way an owl likes it.

So over $2500 was raised and I have decided to give the cash to Project Medishare. A charity that is trying to achieve quality healthcare for all Haiti earthquake victims. You can peep their website here

I'd like to give a MASSIVE GIANT HUGE thank you to....Chris Hemingway - My party organiser. My idol. My buddy. The man cut down trees, built an Owl archway, turfed an entire backyard, built a 'chill' tent, made a living room in the garden with pictures hanging off the hedges and made an owl tree. All in 41 degree heat. I love you mate, you are just plain fucking awesome.

And all you sexual beings that are the owlettes! I loved meeting you all and this has inspired for a whole new project! I still haven't slept from last night and I may just drop off my perch any second so I'll be off. Stay tuned for the photos my darlings.

Peace out x


Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear and see more :D

Haz said...

Where can i find photo's of the owl party??

Obnoxious Owl said...

they will be on the facebook fanpage by the end of the week x